All Souls Procession 2013: Route, Times, Rough Guide

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


2013 route

Gather at 4:00 PM on N. 6th Ave north of the underpass and south of 6th St. (about 400 N. 6th Ave.)

Leave at 6:00 PM and proceed South on 6th Ave to Alameda and turn right.

Go directly west on Alameda and wrap onto Congress and go West to Mercado San Agustin.


PARKING?-Downtown has over 30,000 parking spaces

City Parking Garages include:

City Parking Lots include:    

  • Catalina Lot, Franklin Lot, Paseo Redondo Lot, Toole Lot and City Hall South Lot


Not required for anyone. But often helpful for larger projects in size, sounds (i.e a band), or people.

Registration is meant to simply make sure musical groups are aware of their placement in relation to other musical groups (for obvious reasons) and proximity to other (non-musical) projects that may heighten the wonderful experience of the myriad of spontaneous collaborations that happen.



Mercado San Agustín on West Congress
Begins after the Procession has arrived–usually between 8:30 and 9:30.

Flam Chen, A Tribe Called Red(Ottowa CA)Danza Azteca Calpulli TonantzinThe Carpetbag Brigade (SanFrancisco, CA), Nemcatacoa Teatro (Colombia S.A.), and the Community Spirit Group

!Other Guest Artists at The Grand Finale!

Mourning Fyre

Tucson Arts Brigade

de Dar a Luz–by Clayton Kane & Justin Eastman

Dr Karl Vonoggle and his Tesla Coil

And much, much more!!  Come on down and explore!


This year– floats, moving installations, bands etc will have a separate path into the finale grounds so that we can better accommodate the flow of the Finale experience. If you have a float, musical group, or large crew and want to participate in the Domo (walk across the stage before the Finale Ceremony), please follow the instructions in the  image below.

Domo and Handicapped-Accessible Seating Map


If you need handicapped-accessible seating, please note the green path and seating area in the image above. Turn from Congress onto South Avenida del Convento and follow the path toward the right side of the Finale stage.


Look for the Donation Hats and our Army of Buskers who are helping us collect donations from you to support this event!!

As organizers of the Procession, our priority is always quality of experience over quantity of participants, and though the Procession has grown exponentially, we will always strive to propagate an ALL SOULS PROCESSION that is a grassroots, non-commercial, hyper-inclusive, sacred event dedicated to honoring our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on.


DO: Come and enjoy the experience in a way that works for you. Dress up, get out of your regular regiment and persona; make a mask, a puppet, an art installation, an altar; some way of honoring those who have gone before, who we remember, honor, release, and embrace. Allow yourself to flow into an experience of real community, where we interact in ways that are different, authentic to our nature, and open to our feelings.

DON’T: Be high, drunk, or in anyone’s space in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. This event should be safe to bring a newborn infant to, or your dear aging grandmother. What allows the magic to happen is for everyone to feel safe. It is your job to create this kind of space. The moment we require help from police or any other authority to make sure that happens, we have lost something truly precious. Please make sure to honor barricades, civilian security and civic event staff at grand finale and take care for yourself and your fellow participants in stepping off of curbs, crossing streets, train tracks and trolley tracks etc.

Download the Prayer Form to Print and Place into the URN

prayer form 2013



Franklin Street Docks

SW Corner of 6th St. & Stone Ave.


Flam Chen and a multitude of other performers,

w/ the Community Spirit Group

Seven Pipers Bagpipe Society

Magpie Collective

and Paul Bagley

Make the All Souls Procession your Annual Community Tradition!


Look for the Donation Hats & Urns


Sunday, November 8th, 2009


All Souls Procession Fund Raiser


Historic Rialto Theatre

318 E. Congress St.



Molehill Orkestrah

and More!


Come join the festivities of many bands,

performers, and multi-media presentations,

with a beer garden!


We are a filming a feature-length, High Definition Film, score written by Calexico.

Come join the All Souls Procession Film!

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